Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catching Up

At the end of June the family got packed up and we headed out on a road trip - kind of what the early pioneers did when they headed west - only we were headed east and instead of a Conestoga wagon it was a behemoth of a Chevrolet Tahoe (at least in comparison to my little Honda Civic Hybrid). We left early in the morning with the kiddos still in their jammies, in the hopes that we'd make it to the New England town that I grew up in by early evening. It was a long drive, but the girls were excellent traveling companions and on their best behavior, and as the landscape faded from flat fields of corn and soybeans to rolling hills covered by a blanket of green I felt every muscle in my body begin to relax. My heart was nearing home.

The girls, my husband and I enjoyed almost two weeks with my family - my mom, my dad, my sister and her husband. I ran hills. Ran with The Munchkin by the ocean. Ran a race for the first time with my sister. Ate far too much deep fried seafood and had a few too many ice cream cones. On the 4th of July The Oldest and I, along with my dad, headed to a lighthouse where we watched fireworks celebrations light up like twinkle lights along the coast. Laughed a lot and enjoyed time together because, while my girls grow older so do my parents, the fact of which is not lost upon me.

It was a much needed vacation - but it also threw me off writing, so here I sit trying to catch up. In a nutshell....

Returned from vacation.

Returned to work and a blue million email messages.

Played catch up.

Ran some and worked some and ran some more.

Worked far too much, but don't we all?

Drove The Oldest to summer day camp and The Munchkin to kiddo care and then headed to work. Wash. Rinse. Repeat as necessary. It was necessary.

And here I sit, September peeking at me around the corner. The Munchkin and I have logged more than 300 miles running together since last summer. My time is staying pretty consistent and she's getting heavier so that must mean I'm getting stronger - either that or she's rolling faster down hills and that's a possibility too. By the end of September my long run will increase to 3:30:00. I figure if I can get to that milestone WITH The Munchkin I'll be good to go for 26.2.  That doesn't mean I'm not inwardly freaking out, because I am.

So that's really it. I don't have much of an excuse for not writing except that life got in the way. I need to make more time for writing because I know I'll only ever have one first marathon experience and I really do want to document this for my girls - and maybe a little for me so years from now I can look back and say, "Yup, I did it!"

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